Hello!  My name  is Julianne deSilva.  I am a proud mother of two grown adults (three counting my son in law).  I am a seasoned designer, an antique collector, a dog owner,  and a lover of all things lovely.  I have had the joy of creating beautiful environments for my clients and friends for over 20 years.  I find joy in the details of decor and styling.  Entertaining and homemaking are passions of mine that have always come with peace and ease.  I have been a collector of fine things for as long as I can remember, my vintage textile collection can attest to that fact.  I love unique pieces with personal significance and I have managed to integrate found objects into every event I have ever curated.  I am creatively minded and my inspirations and creations are filled with whimsy and heart.  I am not as obsessed with computers (or anything technological) as much as I am with my garden so if you are keeping up to date with some of my latest work it was most likely posted by one of my ever so talented kids :)   Oh have I mentioned them yet?  Well of course I have!  But really, we all live and work as a family so what you see here is usually a collaboration of all of our efforts in some way, shape, or form.  Though most you see here is the work of my hand, we (my kids and I) will often work as a team of dreamers and artists collaborating to make something extraordinary.  Allow me to provide you with lighthearted, personal, and creative styling for your home, garden or event.